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Hey Dad
Jayden Earp
1983 Hood Street,
Garden City, California
Hey dad,
I’m writing this to you, not to say that I still hate you. Trust me, I do, really. But, I’m writing you this to ask how you feel? About how we fell apart, about how this all fell apart? I don’t know why I honestly writing this, but it’s for a class and my teacher thinks it’ll maybe help bring me peace of mind. But, are you happy out there in the great wide world? Do you miss me, your son? Do you miss your little girl, who doesn’t even know who you are?
When you lay your head down at night, how do you sleep? Seriously, how do you?! Do you even wonder if we’re alright?! But, we are alright. We are alright… It has been a LONG hard road without you here by my side. Why weren’t YOU here all the nights that we CRIED over your ass!? YOU BROKE my mom’s heart! YOU BROKE your children for life! IT’S NOT OKAY! But, we’re alright.
I remember the days when you USE t
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What am I doing by sky-the-ripper What am I doing :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 3 7 Cas and Cal Lynch by sky-the-ripper Cas and Cal Lynch :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 0 20
He's my dad! preview
“And so, with the discovery of-...” the teacher droned on and on about biology, genetics, and all that fun stuff. Not noticing his entire class spacing out and doing other things; messing with their phones, sleeping, reading other books, passing notes with one another, doodling, or just plain out staring out the window like a certain two tones golden blonde-black haired, green eyed teenaged boy was doing. He was only half paying attention to what the teacher was saying as he watched cars drive by the school building on the road outside. The boy had a set of earbuds plugged into his phone, with one in his left ear while the other hung down resting in his lap, keeping his ear that was towards his teacher open. Green eyes shifted from the window to the paper in front of him on the desk. A study guide for the current chapter, he let out a sigh lifting up his pencil and writing ‘Ryan Todd’ on the line given for his name.
Ryan jolted slightly, eyes snapping up
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Partial book cover for 'He's My Dad!' by sky-the-ripper Partial book cover for 'He's My Dad!' :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 0 8 Confused pear by sky-the-ripper Confused pear :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 0 0 Ryan and Jason Todd by sky-the-ripper Ryan and Jason Todd :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 3 13 Another crack Oc but for 10 in. Hero by sky-the-ripper Another crack Oc but for 10 in. Hero :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 3 0 Dead of Supernatural (oops..?) Oc Jack Sykes by sky-the-ripper Dead of Supernatural (oops..?) Oc Jack Sykes :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 2 Stiles, Skyler, and Amy Darkenblade by sky-the-ripper Stiles, Skyler, and Amy Darkenblade :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 2 0 Final for my DrawingI class p.4 by sky-the-ripper Final for my DrawingI class p.4 :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 4 Final for my DrawingI class p.3 by sky-the-ripper Final for my DrawingI class p.3 :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 0 Final for my DrawingI class p.2 by sky-the-ripper Final for my DrawingI class p.2 :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 0 Final for my DrawingI class by sky-the-ripper Final for my DrawingI class :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 0 New haircut! by sky-the-ripper New haircut! :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 1 9 Donny's wardrobe by sky-the-ripper Donny's wardrobe :iconsky-the-ripper:sky-the-ripper 2 0

Journal History

So... I got back into MLP thanks to (and there are more) MLP-Silver-Quill , Lightning-Bliss , DaWillstanator and his fiance Katie-Patterson-91 (CONGRATULATIONS BTW GUYS!!! =D), mainly all their friends on YT that I watch! ^^ But it's thanks to all of these guys that I got back into MLP ^^
But that's besides the point, the point is that a lot of you guys know that I redesigned my Ponysona using that Pony Creator game! Because I can't draw ponies in the MLP style... >.> and I didn't like my original design since I rushed it and made it on a whim... >.< But I can't figure out what to name it... I want it to be something 'Wild' like 'Wild Spirit', 'Wild Heart', 'Wild Dreamer' or something along those lines... >.> I want it to be something 'Wild' though ^^

Annnnnnddddddddddd one of my friends knows just how indecisive I am with names! Right Donakiko!! xD I'm talking to you on that!! xDDD
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sky-the-ripper's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Sarcastic jackass, newbie voice actor, author, screenplay writer, Youtuber, video game and comic book nerd! I also do some cosplay~ Stay tune for all of the above, besides my YT! I'm not going to link that here!

I'm basically a jack of all trades! Well, a self proclaimed one at least! Recently graduated high school, starting college in the fall. I was in Theater for all four years of high school and I'm studying Criminal Justice in college. I do voice work, write books/novels and screenplays, and I'm a HUGE gamer comic nerdy-geek! I cosplay often and for different conventions I go to with my AMAZING cousin and his wife. Currently working on a female Nightwing for a convention this October!

I have a Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Wattpad, and FanFiction.Net despite telling you all that, I'm not going to link to my YouTube or Twitter. I've linked to my FF and Wattpad in different deviations, soooo yeahhhhhh ^^ Enjoy my stuff! I don't post often, so a lot of my stuff is old and I used bases for them. But, my newer pieces are not base related and I drew myself with help from references! ^^

Requests 'Friends Only' by Drawn-Mario
Commissions 'Soon' by Drawn-Mario
Art Trades 'Soon' by Drawn-Mario


That moment you're trying to redesign so many characters (including a ponysona) and can't decide on a new coat color xD

And yes, I'm still somewhat a brony ^^ AND YES, I am using the pony creator thing >.> Cause I can't draw ponies and I don't have the funds to commission someone... >.< BACK TO BASICS! I guess! xD
Thinking about rebooting ALL of me old Hetalia Ocs >.> I got out of the fandom and stopped using them after this HUGE fall out with a person on here that I considered a close friend, but another closer friend of mine is into Hetalia and is making comics that's sparked my interest again ^^
Oh man! xD I just found and flipped through a portfolio that I found... It was mine, and it was my art from LATE LATE middle school and EARLY Freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL! Remember folks~ I just started my first year of college~ SO THIS SHIT IS OLD OLD OLD AND SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! xD Well... Some of it was good~ I found an old character info sheet I did of my Assassin's Creed Oc~ Who in actuality is due for a MAJOR reboot >.>
That moment you want to make a character a dick but you also don't want to make a character a dick... >.< Decisions, decisions...
Give me a NATURAL eye color that's not blue or green!
That moment you're editing a base in Photoshop, because you're not sure how to draw in the style of Young Justice and are fighting with an arm to look like an arm holding up a mask! T_T
Oh hey! Donakiko, I finished Adult!Ryan! xD I haven't put the picture of him in the yet xDD
Cosplay costume making will be the death of me...
Almost done~ Just finished putting down a base marker layer~ Now for color pencils~
20170712 202113 by sky-the-ripper
Donakiko~~~ I started writing a little one shot about Ryan and Jason after his accident on Friday after I was done with my last final for school~ ;) I kinda put Nadia and Jen in it~~

Actually, as of 9:50 A.M. when I finished my VERY LAST Final~
I'm back from the movie... And... IT WAS FRACKING AMAZING!!!!
Well! I'm going to see the new Power Rangers movie now! Be back soon! =D :heart:
Seriously, I need a beta reader please?
Donakiko I have an idea for how Chris and Josh can 'bond' outside of work and the gym! Music! Since it appears that they have similar music taste! xD
Is seriously thinking about getting a tattoo! =)
Well! As of 11:30 am today! I am officially on my 2 week winter break!
Welp... After 2 weeks on break, today's back to a 'normal' thing. Frack , I hate school. See you guys at 6PM!
Well... It's official~ I'm on Fall Break for the next two weeks! =D I don't have school tomorrow because of parent/teacher conferences, but dad's not going because he just doesn't want to... SO I'M HOME FOR 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT! =D WHOOO! school is hell and I hate my art teacher... he took the fun out of the class... -.-


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